Dream Geek Desk

It finally happened. I went all out, and created my dream desk. It has everything that inspired me as a child, and some newer things I’ve found exciting.
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Need a Fresh Perspective on Growing Up?


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As children we play not only for fun, but it is how we learn. As we grow, we’re often taught to leave our childish play behind. I wonder if there is way to maintain child like wonder, and play in a way that facilitates our ability to learn as adults? Let’s ponder this together!
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It’s Easier Not To (your-dream-here)

I found it difficult to come up with a first topic for Step2. Should I start with important information for the 2012 59DaysofCode contest, or dive in to the project?

While deciding I got stuck on an idea that has been haunting the back of my mind for months – “It’s easier not to do this”.  Whatever it is we want to do in life, starting one’s own business, learning to snow board, or anything else you’ve dreamed of doing; unless you’re willing to do something about it, the only fact you can know is that “It’s easier not to (fill in your dream here)”. It’s much easier to deal with this one fact and move on with life, than to get involved in the reality, passion, and work needed to succeed. More often than not, dreams will fail. Continue reading “It’s Easier Not To (your-dream-here)”