Texture Design : Every artist needs a secret tree.

Oil painting concept art.
Oil painting concept art.
Crystal Cove WIP Oil painting by Matt Hodge, under the guidance of Ma Ly.

Video demonstration of my painting techniques included!

Oh Bob Ross. How I miss your secret little bushes and trees. As a kid I spent many afternoons watching that guy paint. I never practiced what I saw, but what I did do was gain an appreciation for brushes and canvas. As an adult this appreciation is continually helping me gain my own style, and grow in quality. So for all you aspiring game artists out there, I’m going to share this little morsel of wisdom with you… and it’ll be our little secret 😉
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Crossroads | Play Gimmicks v.s. Play Mechanics

“Marketing took forty dollars from me; however, they lost out on a couple hundred more I would have spent over the years, had they not punked me with a gimmick.”

“With entertainment titles Step 2 aims to develop games that are enjoyable to gamers first, followed by monetization. That in mind, the play mechanic of the mech and solar charger had to be cut.”

Over the weekend while designing my concept level, I reached a major crossroad in how this game plays. The issue is that while being a key character to the story, the mech has become a cumbersome concept. Here is a breakdown of where this went wrong: Continue reading “Crossroads | Play Gimmicks v.s. Play Mechanics”