Two Video Games You Should Absolutely Play on a Date

Every time I go to GDC one of the first things I do at the Expo is check out the IGF booths (Independent Games Festival). Out of the games I saw on display two really stood out, and my wife and I had a chance to play both.

In addition to being fun, they have to be played with others that are physically present. The human interaction of these two titles make them some of the most innovative games I saw at the expo. Let’s check them out.


Bounden is one of the most unique concepts I’ve ever seen. It is played by two people on a mobile device. On each side of the screen is a circle. Each player grabs one end of the phone, and the game begins when the player’s thumbs are each on a circle.

Bounded game screen
Bounded game screen

During game-play there is a sphere in the center that is rotated by the device’s gyroscope. The players move the device around in order to rotate the sphere. On the center of the sphere is a target, and a path of circles generates around it. Without the player’s thumbs leaving their position, the players must move the phone around to progress the target along the path. The process of doing this forces the players to engage in dance movements.

My wife and I tried it together. It’s surprisingly fun. Talking about it doesn’t do it justice; so, I’ve included a game play screen from the official site, and a video of it being played at the 2015 GDC. I highly recommend heading over to the game’s website for more information.


Killer Queen

This game requires many people to play, and for that reason it’s best suited to an arcade. Wherever you can find it, that’s the place to take your significant other out for a night on the town. It’s great fun for the entire group, and easy for one or two people to jump on board.

The graphics and game-player are simple, but well executed. I’ll direct you to the Killer Queen website for more information about how the game works. I’d simply like to note that it was a lot of co-op team fun, that must be played in the same physical space.


Thanks for reading!

*Note: Take my dating advice with a grain of salt. My wife and I also believe that two other games to play on a date are “Mario Kart 7”, and “Street Fighter II”… 

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