“What’s CART? Where have you been? What about that demo?” – Catch Up with Hodge!

Interactive Game Design
Interactive Game Design at CART.

Step 2 isn’t just the name I use for doing business, it’s a process. Step 2 is all about how one moves from dreams and ambitions, to realizing success.

For myself, step 2 is going from my ideas for stories and games, to releasable products worth making. I’ve spent nearly two years balancing time between prototyping my game ideas, and taking paid contract work. About three months ago, I had been making noise that I would show off a playable demo of one my ideas is just a few weeks; So, where have I been all of this time?

Story Time 🙂

A little more than two months ago, I was informed of an opportunity opening up for a game development teaching position a school called CART. It was not advisable for me to talk about the opening, or my intentions to apply for it. In order to qualify for the position, much of my game development time had to be repurposed towards educational and credentialing goals. This was all in addition to teaching HTML/CSS courses through Geekwise Academy.

This process has delayed my playable demo, but the larger picture is looking better than ever. CART (Center for Advanced Research and Technology) is a unique school. It caters to juniors and seniors in our local school districts. The students opt to spend half of their day at their main high school. The other half is spent with CART, where they are immersed in a fusion of english and technical skills.

Since your are reading this, you have probably guessed the obvious. I received the position. As of the publishing of this post my contract is signed, and everything is official. This is a relief for me, because I’ve been dying to tell everyone 🙂

This teaching position means that I continue to progress towards what I would define as success for myself. Through my time with Geekwise Academy, I’ve found that I enjoy teaching, and I’m not half bad at it. I look forward to seeing what comes of taking young adults who like playing video games, and cultivating an understanding of how to make them. For personal reasons this is a fantastic fit for me, but you’re not here to care about my personal ambitions. Are you? I thought not. You want to know where the games are.

What CART Means for Step 2 | Digital Production

First up, CART means that I do not have to worry about taking contract work to pay the bills.

Second, entire summers, and holidays can be devoted to developing Step 2 games.

Finally, the best news. I will spend around nine months a year teaching 50 high school seniors how to make games using the tools, and techniques that I employ. My goal is to give these students the technical, and soft skills that employers (such as myself) love to see. For a lucky few, I’m looking into offering summer internships that will bridge their experience at CART to whatever college/career choice comes next for them.

As I’m completing my demos, I’m facing that fact that I still need to make a lot of engaging content in order to be worth an average asking price of $4.99. The going plan is to get demos finished this year, and next summer a team of CART’s finest graduates can intern by developing content! It’s a nice plan in theory. I have some logistical/legal stuff to work out, but that is the goal I’m aiming for.

This means that at the end of this Summer, we should start to see interactive demos coming from Step 2. There will probably be a lull in new posts in Winter/Spring. Then things will start heating up for a commercial release, with additional game releases following each Summer.

Thank you for reading, and for sticking with Step 2. I look forward to giving you some eye candy in the near future!

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