What’s Next for Rex & Step 2?

Apocalypse Rex Render WIP
WIP AR render.

Anyone out there remember all those people who predicted the Apocalypse in 2012? A few months into 2013, they were like, “Oh, oh, wait. We didn’t carry over a 3 from the spotting of a unicorn in the 3rd century A.D.” Now, their newly reformed mathemagical equation predicts it in 2014….

I don’t know, something like that; anyhow, my math was off, but that isn’t because things aren’t brewing. Let’s take a look at what 2014 has in store for Apocalypse Rex and projects from Step 2!

AR Top Down "LCD style"
AR Top Down “LCD style”

First, the king of the end.

AR went through a dramatic play style change, as some of you may remember. When initially prototyping the game, it was a more “in the action” view. It had much in common with the OTS (over the shoulder) style games. In an effort to speed up development, and get something to market, the game was later simplified into a top down perspective. The new game-play mimicked that of the classic “strike” series (Jungle Strike, Urban Strike, etc…). The controller for touch screens was also designed to look like a retro LCD game.

Jungle Strike
Jungle Strike

While I love classics such as Jungle Strike, the original play idea for Apocalypse Rex is superior. This has been echoed by the comments of folks who were exposed to the first idea. That “in the action” game was what they fell in love with, and they are disappointed that I changed it. You know what, I am too.

What this means, is that I’m taking a new “modular” approach to developing AR.

The original "in action" WIP
The original “in action” WIP

Dishing Out Bite Sized Fun

The grander vision of Apocalypse Rex can be broken into a handful of individual play elements. What I’m going to do is develop each of those elements as their own, small, standalone game. Upon completing this set of games, I’ll bring those elements together in AR. This allows me to not only get games out quicker, but to test each play idea. If one doesn’t go over to well, I’ll know to scrap or rework it. In a way I’m play testing the “fun factor” of AR in smaller bites.

Having said that, you’re going to see more posts about other games I’m working on. As those updates become more frequent, you can rest assured that we’re also getting closer to AR goodness.

By the way, while we wait for the Rex to bring about the end, we will see him as a special unlock character in the first game; so, you’ll get to play with him sooner than you think 🙂

What’s ‘ol Step 2 Been Up To?

Via Shift 3 Technologies in Fresno, Step 2 has been working over the holidays on visualization projects. Work has been done for a prominent home builder, and that has brought more exciting opportunities to the table. Stay tuned, Step 2 will show off as soon as the work for our client is finalized!


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