Wanna See Some Sweet 3D? Step 2 Found “The Lost Portfolio of Hodge”


As the latest 3D projects near their presentable stage, let’s take a look back at the recently found “Lost Portfolio of Hodge”. You know, some of it’s actually pretty good. It wouldn’t be surprising to see this stuff reborn (*cough, “Twitch”, *cough).

Environment Design – Crystal Cove

First on deck is “Crystal Cove”. This environment was inspired by the art of the game World of WarCraft, and it’s original purpose was for an MMO environment. It was later adapted as a test stage for the various play tests of “Twitch”, and will likely be featured in that game. These screens were rendered in the “GameCore” engine. Check them out!
ccove_capture1 ccove_capture2 ccove_capture3 ccoveconcept1

Environment Design – City Block

The following are samples of everyday objects, and “photo-real” render tests done in Softimage.

city_block_grey city_block1 city_block2

Environment Design – Tomb

This environment was originally part of a school project. I liked it, so I kept using it for a while as a “playground” for game ideas. This was also done in the “GameCore” engine.

By the way, in case you haven’t noticed, I have a thing for Stargate.

gateroom1 tomb_concept tomb_concept2

Characters – “Twitch”

That’s right. He’s a cat. Oh, but not just any cat. This cat is a tactical expert who knows better than to ever leave home without his P90. The original play-mechanics for his game have changed over the years; however, for the past several months there has been work going on in secret… More to follow 😉



Objects – Stuff

That’s right. It’s just a bunch of stuff. It looks good, and works well in real-time environments.


More Incoming!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be looking at some of the games and visualizations that Hodge has currently been working on.

Thanks for tuning in, and see you next post!

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