Mini Update on “ALL THE THINGS”!

A lot is happening. From a new character controller, to entering a downtown office space. Let’s take a minute to get updated on Step 2’s projects!

Fuzzy Brain Lost

  • In game art and environment layout/design is being updated to better represent the game’s content.

  • A media package is being developed for a Kickstarter campaign that is planned for October.

Apocalypse Rex

  • The gameplay is in active development. This is why more screenshots and art have been delayed. I don’t want to release any more visual material until the gameplay is locked in.

  • Following on that, the gameplay has been simplified in order to achieve a more fun and fluid experience.

  • Development time was also prolonged to allow for the creation of a new character controller (more on that at the bottom)

The Legend of Sky

  • TLoS is not forgotten. The new character controller has proved to be quite useful in making this platformer a solid experience.

  • As time allows, I’m refining this demo and the full game (with a likely name change) will take off after AR.

New Character Controller & WebGL

As you may have guessed, Step 2 uses the Unity3D game engine. Up until a few weeks ago, I’ve always modified the character controller Unity provides. This has worked well; however, as player meshes such as AR don’t fit nicely in a capsule collider, I realized that I need to create my own solution. To cut a long story short, I’ve used the last couple weeks to develop my own character control setup that does exactly what I need it to. This is a better experience than a “one size fits all” approach. It also doesn’t rely on other Unity libraries, meaning I can port my work to other formats. In fact, it’s already working nicely with WebGL using the ThreeJS library. More on WebGL later, it’s my new hobby 😉


Step 2 has moved into the Bitwise building in downtown Fresno. I’ll show some pics later.

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