It’s Easier Not To (your-dream-here)

I found it difficult to come up with a first topic for Step2. Should I start with important information for the 2012 59DaysofCode contest, or dive in to the project?

While deciding I got stuck on an idea that has been haunting the back of my mind for months – “It’s easier not to do this”.  Whatever it is we want to do in life, starting one’s own business, learning to snow board, or anything else you’ve dreamed of doing; unless you’re willing to do something about it, the only fact you can know is that “It’s easier not to (fill in your dream here)”. It’s much easier to deal with this one fact and move on with life, than to get involved in the reality, passion, and work needed to succeed. More often than not, dreams will fail.

My inner self has often told me “It’s easier not to start an independent game studio, especially in Fresno.” The entirety of my professional work experience since completing my AS in digital animation has been with web development companies. Whenever I first come on board for a project, I demonstrate my passion for game development and animation. I try to emphasize the possibilities in the serious games sector, and how these services could be used by clients. I’ve pitched this three times when interviewing for my last three jobs. Every time, the employer seems sparked by the possibilities and the passion I have.

This has been a leading factor in why I get these jobs; however, time passes by and projects reach a point of maintenance mode. At this point hours get cut, and people get cut. The only answers I ever receive regarding game and interactive content development are to the tune of “It sounds awesome, I just don’t understand how it’s done or how to sell it”. That is the fundamental issue. The people in charge are business men that are typically surrounded by excellent web developers, but no one in this equation has ever studied the discipline, deployment opportunities, or financial feasibility of game development. No one except for me; however, I’m the guy on his way out the door to the next employer and project.

When reflecting on my time as a professional web developer, the highly skilled talent I’ve met, and the employers that have ruled us all, I found my reply. “It’s easier not to start a game studio… but I know how to do it”. When I realized this I instantly narrowed down on a new idea about myself and my dream. I would much rather live with this fact “I started a game development studio and failed.” Instead of the fact that it was easier not to have tried.

During the 2012 59DaysofCode challenge, I will not only be developing a prototype game that will demonstrate technical ability, but I will also be sharing the following:

  • Research and interviews with other development studios.
  • The serous games market, and how it can be more financially reliable than hit-based games
  • Concepts behind game development
  • Technical development and short tutorials
  • … and more as I see it fitting in

I intend to continue blogging on these subjects well after the contest ends. Regardless of the outcome of the 2012 challenge, I view this as the starting point for my game development studio.

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